Bug Out, Hoarders, & Thrift Shops

Betcha never thought those terms went together, did ya?? Hang with me for a sec and I’ll give you the back story & then a video 😉 

**WARNING–this post contains all sorts of ’70s & early ’80s fashions**

Bugging out

Some 30 odd years ago, my grandparents and parents were apparently WAY ahead of their time. They came up with a “bug out” plan…well, that’s what they’d call it these days. Hmm, I have no idea what they called it back then…maybe a “get outta Dodge” plan, or an “escape from the city in the desert to the desert mountains” plan? All I know is that it was the late ’70s in the midst of gas shortages and economic unrest and my family felt like they needed to have a place they could escape to if it came to civil unrest. So, they bought some land out in the country, like 2 ½ hours out in the country, and put a mobile home on it. It was so far out in the country that there was no electricity, no running water, and no indoor plumbing. But, it was surrounded by public land that was full of deer & elk, and it was near the teeny tiny town Grandpa grew up in, so I guess it was an easy choice.


Hoard much??

There were many weekends and vacations spent when I was a baby setting up the mobile home and making sure it was pest and {amazingly} dust proof…my Grandpa was a meticulous sealer 😉 While Dad & Grandpa sealed, chopped firewood, shooed away pesky woodpeckers determined to break in, and killed rattlesnakes; Mom & Grandma spent their time at The Trailer stocking it with canned and dehydrated food, water, and toiletries. Oh, and it was also their job to make The Trailer feel like our home away from home. You’d think it’d be a big, expensive task to furnish and decorate a whole other house, right? Especially when our nation was in said economic unrest? Hah, you silly gooses you…you see, Grandma & Mom don’t throw or give anything away…EVER.

They were hoarders, when hoarding wasn’t coo-ool.

I am convinced Mom & Grandma agreed to the whole “Trailer” plan just so all their old things had a place to retire. The curtains in the living room used to reside in Mom & Dad’s bedroom in the city. The drawers were filled with outgrown baby clothes and “almost” worn out clothes. Outdated winter coats, Mom’s wedding shoes, and Grandma’s extra pink polyester robe complete with old tissues in the pocket {come on, you know your Grandma’s pockets were the same}, joined the hiking and snow boots in the closet.



Over the years whenever either of them would redecorate, all the old decorations would inevitably end up at The Trailer. Tired of TV Guides & Mother Earth News piling up? Well, just take ’em to The Trailer. Found an extra deck of Old Maid playing cards at a yard sale?? Take ’em to the trailer! Got a good deal on a gazillion packets of Kool-Aid?? Take it to the trailer!! As a teenager I even hopped on the bandwagon and took my old Sassy & YM magazines out there…hoarding genetics apparently can’t be denied, folks.

Family Retreat

Since the unsure ’70s gave way to the more abundant ’80s and ’90s, The Trailer became more of a gathering place for the entire family than a post-apocalyptic shelter. It was a great place to just get away from it all, and an even better place to visit with family without any distractions. We hiked and slid down mountains, learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how NOT to shoot a BB gun…well, more like how NOT to pump up the BB gun 20ish times in a menacing way, point and shoot it at your cousin {thinking it was unloaded} who is prancing around down range like a bunny, then laugh hysterically when said cousin screams in what you think is mock pain when a BB from the NOT unloaded BB gun hits him in the butt thigh…po, Ty, po, po, Ty.

Sheesh, if it weren’t for the acid washed jacket I’d think this was Boy 2, not my brother!

For Mom it was a place to finally get some rest…she’d plop down in her favorite chair right by the Ashley stove and be knocked out till it was time to load up and go home…raising a family, going to school, and running a couple business can wear on a girl!

Mom, sticking her tongue out at Dad, and almost down for the count, I think we’d been there all of 30 seconds 😉

Visiting The Trailer was always like walking into a time capsule, or maybe even a literal home away from home. Heck, they even drilled a well and put a windmill up…now if we could just do something about the outhouse situation!!

Grandpa still meticulously kept The Trailer sealed so it would always be clean and well maintained for anyone who wanted to enjoy it, up until he just couldn’t do it anymore. It was only appropriate a few years back that it was there that the family met, almost all together, one last time in remembrance of him.

Passing the Torch

The Trailer has sat practically unused since then, and even though it had been years since Grandpa had worked on it, it remained clean and pest free…until two summers ago when the door was popped open. Since then it has been a constant worry of Grandma’s, to the point that she wanted to sell her half of it. Even though they were all too young to remember the one sad time they went to The Trailer, and even though we now live about 12 hours away, Boy 1, Boy 2, and The Girl decided they wanted to buy Grandma out.

We just got back home to the farm from a “working” visit to The Trailer to clean up the mess left from the door being open for who knows how long. Mom, Grandma, & my brother and nephews met us out there and the place is looking like new, well, actually more like old 😉 I went back to the big city with Mom and left the Boys & Farmerman to scout for their big elk hunt this fall. Like I said, there are NO distractions out there…we barely have cell service…so, with an obnoxious song stuck in their heads and a little time on their hands…they had just enough time left on the video camera to pay homage to some of what The Trailer encompasses 😉 Click HERE to be transported to the video on Vimeo {especially if viewing on a mobile device} or here to go to YouTube {won’t show on mobile devices 😦 }.

I spy, with my little eye, a bright pink polyester robe 😉

2 thoughts on “Bug Out, Hoarders, & Thrift Shops

  1. Good one, Rya! You’re a great writer, and now a music video producer! Love Thrift Shop! Can’t believe the boys are so big! Loved it. Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 01:53:54 +0000 To: tulip9392@msn.com

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