Aislinn's Sweet Annie

Aislinn’s Sweet Annie

ADCA#: 033843
*Red *Milk Beta-casein: A2/A2 *Polled- Hetero
*Chondro: Non-carrier *PHA: Non-carrier  *Parentage Verified

We welcomed Annie to the farm as a four month old in the spring of  2014 at the side of her momma, Kacie.  We were worried that Kacie & Darcy would fight for the title of Boss Cow when we introduced them.  Instead they found themselves chasing after and breaking up fights between sweet Annie & ornery Lissie…they are only about 13 days apart.  The little girls finally settled their differences and have been fast friends & partners in crime ever since.  

Annie is a quite natured little girl, and with that flaming red hair it’s no wonder Aislinn’s Meadows named her Annie!  We are planning to breed her for a fall/winter 2015 calf and can’t wait to see if she will pass on her black nose and  eyeliner to her babies!