Liberty’s Finnegan

Available June 2015!

Currently accepting deposits on Finn, for pricing and more info, please CONTACT US!

 ADCA#: pending Sire: Liberty’s Ace AlmightyDOB:  12/26/14 Dam:  Nonesuch Ciara
*Black *Milk Beta-casein: ? *Horned
*Chondro: Non-Carrier (obligate) *PHA: Non-carrier (obligate) *Parentage verified

If your focus is to build a “true short” milking herd, we feel this little guy will most definitely fit the bill.  We know, he is black and he is horned, and that the current trend in Dexters is for his exact opposite.  We were initially going to steer him without even offering him as a bull since it wouldn’t be cost effective at steer prices to test him for color, beta-casin, etc…then, I milked his momma.  She has one of the cutest Dexter udders I have ever seen.  It is high, tight, proportionate, and folks as a first calf heifer she has been consistently giving us 3/4 to 1 gallon per milking, while still raising Finn.  I contacted the farm Ciara came from, and Melissa told me that Ciara’s dam easily gave 2 gallons per day for years.  That is when I started really paying attention to how Finn is built.  

Finn’s sire (Bruce) & his dam (Ciara)are non-chondro carrying, SHORT Dexters, and Finn is following suit.  But don’t think short means scrawny cause this guy is stout and solid as a rock.  Finn would also be good to use on your heifers as he, along with our other calves sired by Bruce, was tiny at birth.  I truly think he will help bring down the height of your herd without sacrificing beefiness, all while passing on the strong dairy genetics on both sides of his pedigree to his offspring.  

Please don’t pass him up because he is untrendy, trends can change, but the qualities Finn possesses are classically Dexter.  If you are interested in Finn, please contact us and we will pull tail hairs and test immediately.  He may be A2A2, and could carry both red and dun.  He will be steered & dehorned just before weaning at 6 months old.

**Price includes genetic testing, ADCA transfer to new owner, and Finn will be up to date on all vaccinations.**

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