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Abba's Donn Tiernan

Abba’s Donn Tiernan (A2A2, polled, dun bull calf)

Liberty's Finnegan

Liberty’s Finnegan (bull calf, DAIRY & TRUE SHORT qualities)

Abba's Autumn Pixie

**Reserved**  Abba’s Autumn Pixie (heifer calf)

Abba's Milis Fiona

**Reserved**  Abba’s Milis Fiona (heifer calf)

Liberty's Ace Almighty

**Reserved**  Liberty’s Ace Almighty (yearling bull)





**$500– Mr. Brown**:  Dexter, DOB 4/5/2015, AVAILABLE 10/2015**

****SOLD**Dibs–  $500**:  Dexter/Mini Jersey, DOB 6/1/2014, AVAILABLE 12/1/2014**

It is our goal to breed for true dual-purpose animals, who provide both milk and beef, wrapped up in a small, easy to handle package.  Our Dexters are not too big or too small and conform to the recommended breed standard.  We hope that all our little heifers will grow up to be perfect family milk cows & our exceptional bull calves to be docile herd sires.  Bull calves not deemed to be exceptional will be castrated to grow up to be excellent quality beef.  All of our calves are handled from birth and imprinted upon that we are good and bring them joy and usually daily scratches ;), but we also teach them to respect us as the “boss” of the herd.  Most animals we offer will have had some work on the halter, and we hope to one day offer fully halter broke animals.  We feel it is our duty as purebred Dexter breeders to test for all the items listed below because we want you to be fully assured that the animal you are purchasing is EXACTLY what we are claiming it is.  

Included in your purchase price are the following:  

*A quality animal from exceptional bloodlines* *Vaccinations up to date* *De-horned (as needed, will not dehorn upon request when possible)*

*Chondro & PHA testing* *Milk Beta-Casein testing* *Color confirmation testing* *Parentage Verified thru testing/Genotyped*

*ADCA Registration Certificate transfer* 

Please also see our Calving Schedule for a list of who we are expecting calves out of and when.  If you see a particular breeding that interests you, contact us right away and we would be happy to notify you when the calf is born.  This is especially important if you wish to keep your calf’s horns intact since we dehorn as early as possible.  

To view our calving schedule, please click the link below!