COR Max's Kacie

COR Max’s Kacie

ADCA#: 023483
*Dun, carries Red *Milk Beta-casein: A2/A1 *Polled
*Chondro: Non-carrier *PHA: Non-carrier

We brought Kacie home as a four year old in the spring of 2014, with her 3 month old calf, Annie, at her side. She is halter broke & instantly came up to us and allowed us to scritch & scratch on her.  Again speaking to the easy going nature of these cows, a couple days after bringing her here I led her into the stanchion and was able to milk her a little bit!  Kacie had never been in a stanchion before, never been milked before, didn’t know me very well, and had never had her udder handled, yet she stood there and let me try.

Kacie is pasture bred to Neely for a November 2014 calf!  I can’t wait to start her true Dairy Girl training!