Liberty's Dainty Delycia

Liberty’s Dainty Delycia

 ADCA#: pending Sire: RDC Rainbow Lucky Ace Dam:  Feirm’s Darcy
*Black, does not carry red or dun *Milk Beta-casein:  A2/A1 *Horned
*Chondro: Non-carrier *PHA: Non-carrier

Little Miss Lissie has been the tiniest calf born on the farm to date and we were so excited to meet her in the fall of 2013!  We just love this little girl and as an 11 month old, she is still quite tiny.  She is also just as obnoxiously vocal as her half sister Daisy…they even have the same “moo”!  Both her momma and daddy are from older Dexter lines.  Her momma has a lovely udder and we chose her daddy for his “milky” lines.  Needless to say we are expecting great things from this little girl!  We are hoping to breed her for a fall/winter 2015 calf.