Aislinn's Ciara (Meaux)

Aislinn’s Ciara (Meaux)

ADCA#: 029260
*Black, carries Red & Dun *Milk Beta-casein: A2/A1 *Polled
*Chondro: Non-carrier *PHA: Non-carrier  *Parentage Verified

**Real quick clarification…we call this sweet girl Meaux since we already had a Ciara…and because she had a classic Three Stooges hair do ;)**

We brought Meaux home as a yearling in the spring of 2014. She is one of our most outgoing newbies and is bred to Neely for a November 2014 calf!  I can’t wait for her calf to arrive and to start her Dairy Girl training! 

Meaux- Spring 2014

Meaux- Spring 2014