Meet the Herd!


A Strong Foundation

It is our goal to breed for true dual-purpose animals, who provide both milk and beef, wrapped up in a small, easy to handle package.  These Dexters should not be too big or too small and should easily conform to the recommended breed standard.

We have searched long and hard for the animals that make up our foundation.  Here are the guys and gals in our little herd, please click on the picture for more information about a specific animal.

Windfall's Neely

Windfall’s Neely

Feirm's Darcy

Feirm’s Darcy

Feirm's Neila

Feirm’s Neila

Daisy- Spring 2014

Liberty’s Daisy Mae

COR Max's Kacie

COR Max’s Kacie

Cole Ridge Meghan Dee

Cole Ridge Meghan Dee

Aislinn's Ciara (Meaux)

Aislinn’s Ciara (Meaux)

Ciara- Fall 2014

Nonesuch Ciara

CKCF Chloe

CKCF Chloe

N40's Apopka

N40’s Apopka

Liberty's Dainty Delycia

Liberty’s Dainty Delycia

Aislinn's Sweet Annie

Aislinn’s Sweet Annie












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