Cole Ridge Meghan Dee

Cole Ridge Meghan Dee

ADCA#: 023498
*Dun, carries Red *Milk Beta-casein: A2/A2 *Dehorned
*Chondro: Non-carrier *PHA: Non-carrier

We welcomed Meghan to the farm as a four year old in the spring of  2014.  She hadn’t been handled much and was fairly standoffish…but she is a true Dexter…and can be talked into just about anything when tempted with sweet feed ;).  Meghan calved with our first Neely calf, Pixie, in September of 2014.  Within a couple days we had talked her into climbing up into the stanchion.

Meghan has an absolutely beautiful , easy to milk udder every family cow wishes she had, with great attachment & near perfect spacing.  Her Dairy Girl training is moving along well and we will be recording her milk output.