Feirm's Neila

Feirm’s Neila


ADCA#: 031141
*Black *Milk Beta-casein: untested *Hetero Polled
*Chondro: untested *PHA: untested

We purchased Neila as a 9 month old heifer and we think she has one of the most feminine faces ever.  She was the sweetest thing and used to give us kisses till our arms were raw!   At around 15 months, we noticed her limping, and true to the docile nature of the Dexter breed, Neila allowed me to pick her foot up to see if there was anything in her hoof.  My inspection revealed a roofing nail.  Neila allowed us to remove the roofing nail  by ourselves…without a squeeze chute.  We then administered a tetanus shot that seemed to cross a line a bit as Neila hasn’t smothered us in kisses since!  She still loves having us love on her and comes running when we call, but she just doesn’t kiss on us anymore 😦  

Neila calved for the first time with an AI breeding in the spring of 2013.  Her Dairy Girl training went wonderfully  and she was a dream in the stanchion.  She consistently gave 1/2 gallon with once a day milking while also feeding her fat bull calf.  Neila was pasture bred to Neely for a January 2015 calf!